Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Safety Info for RV'ers

I am interrupting this blog to relay a real story from an RV'er (Nan) from our RV Women's group.  Nan drives a Class A motor home alone.  In this particular situation her daughter was also with her.  At 2:00 a.m. They heard a knock on the bedroom window (like a shave and a haircut type knock).  Nan got up and peeked out to see if she saw anyone.  There was a girl standing on the steps pulling on the locked door handle trying to get in.  Nan asked her (from inside) what her problem was.  The girl said she had been dropped off and needed help.  Nan remained inside and said she would call 911.  By the time she got her phone and dialed 911 the girl was gone.  The police found no one when they arrived.  

The police said that Nan and her daughter had probably been watched and if Nan had opened the door to the girl a man would have been waiting to also come in and rob them.  The next morning Nan and a neighbor spotted car tracks in front of her motor home that looked like a car had turned and sped away.

She was in a private campground.  Nan is a smart cookie and knew not to open the door and had it locked.  We sometimes forget to lock our door but are now being sure the door is locked along with the deadbolt.  Always good to have Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson along too.

Stay safe.

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