Monday, August 18, 2014

1881 Custer County Courthouse Museum - South Dakota

Custer, South Dakota had a small museum run by volunteers ($5 for seniors).  The courthouse was built eight years before South Dakota became a state, it served Custer County for 92 years and has been a museum since 1976. We enjoyed our visit.

Firearm of General George Armstrong Custer, model 1862 Sharps and Hankins .52 caliber, used for hunting antelope at Fort Hays, Kansas.

The 1874 Expedition into the Black Hills, led by General Custer.

Mining Claim - The tin can nailed to this tree stump would have held the owner's mine claim.  Without that legal paper, he'd have been at the mercy of "claim jumpers".

Logging tools

Collection of early typewriters


Bear coat and buffalo coat

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  1. Love those small museums with lots of hidden treasures.