Sunday, August 10, 2014

Broken Arrow Campground - Custer, South Dakota

We spent seven days at this campground.  We picked it because of the reviews on RV Park Reviews as well as the places we wanted to visit this time in the Black Hills.  The campground was well maintained with excellent showers.  The owners, Jerry and Sue, definitely take pride in the campground.  The only problem we had was an over abundance of flies.  On the side of our motor home we had at least 50 flies one day.  We had to buy fly poison spray and hung 3 fly strips in the motor home to try and alleviate the problem.  At first I thought it was due to the horses but the flies were everywhere we went.  The cashier at the supermarket as well as the lady at the museum both had fly swaggers in their hand.  Jerry said he believed the problem was due to the earlier amount of rain.  We had also had flies in Kansas and Nebraska.  We enjoyed our stay at Broken Arrow Campground but there are many, many other campgrounds in the Black Hills.

The park definitely had a western theme throughout, even to the shower curtains which had horses on them.  

This guy greeted arriving campers.

Broken Arrow is a horse campground and many people bring their horses so they can ride through the Black Hills.

Mountain bluebirds were a daily occurrence throughout the park.  Bluebirds and cardinals are some of my favorites.

We had the best campsite #22 in the park.  It was on an end and we had a great view of the hills.

The view of the Black Hills from our campsite.

Cowboy Scott delivered our firewood $10 for a couple of great campfires.

Still using our Nu Wave cooktop.  This time for bacon and cheese omelettes.

Another view from our campsite.

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  1. We have a battle going on with flies here also. When they get in the rig they just terrorize the girls and if we use the fly swatter, Scooter really freaks out. I figure we'll be battling them for another three weeks or so and then hopefully they all die!!!